Our Programs

We are all over the United States

Our directory has information on all of our programs, including descriptions, location, and who to contact with questions. If you are not sure where to start, you can begin at our locations finder.


The Abraham Project (On hiatus 2018-2019)

Winston-Salem, NC

Living in community and working for the community, project members will work alongside local agencies to rebuild lives and hope.

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Colorado Episcopal Service Corps

Denver and Steamboat Springs, CO

Offers its interns spiritual formation and simple living in community together with meaningful service in agencies and ministries in Denver and Steamboat Springs.

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Deaconess Anne House

St. Louis, MO

Invites passionate young people to take part in a holy adventure of Christian service, spiritual formation, and intentional community.

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DioCal Interns (on hiatus 2018-2019)

San Francisco, CA

A year to pioneer for the church and the world a way of living into spiritual adulthood.

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Texas Episcopal Service Corps

Houston, TX

Exists to provide young adults the time and space needed to search for truth, work for social and economic justice, and be challenged to live deliberately.

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