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We are all over the United States

Our directory has information on all of our programs, including descriptions, location, and who to contact with questions. If you are not sure where to start, you can begin at our locations finder.


The Abraham Project

Winston-Salem, NC

Living in community and working for the community, project members will work alongside local agencies to rebuild lives and hope.

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Circle of the Beloved (Start-Up Program)

Minneapolis, MN

Circle of the Beloved is a brand-new program of the Episcopal Service Corps located in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

Minnesota is a land of extremes. We have summer and harsh winters, cities and wilderness and prairie. In addition to our natural extremes, we also have some of the widest standard-of-living disparities between white people and people of color in the whole country. The legacy of systemic racism is particularly acute in housing, education, income, and access to opportunity. As followers of the way of Jesus, we are called to challenge disparities like these. Therefore we are launching Circle of the Beloved.

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City of Soul

Memphis, TN

Each of our ESC members will be working in one of five Memphis-area organizations with long experience and substantive work in Memphis, a southern city along the banks of the Mississippi River with a history steeped in civil rights and in music. Those organizations are:

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Colorado Episcopal Service Corps

Denver and Steamboat Springs, CO

Offers its interns spiritual formation and simple living in community together with meaningful service in agencies and ministries in Denver and Steamboat Springs.

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Confluence Year

Columbus, OH

Confluence is a volunteer corps program for recent college graduates or young adults who commit to a year of spiritual formation, vocational discernment, social justice and intentional community, living in an impoverished neighborhood just outside downtown Columbus, Ohio.

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Creation Care at Camp Mokule‘ia

Waialua, HI

Camp Mokule‘ia is a year-round camp owned by the Episcopal Diocese of Hawaii with a rich and varied setting on Oahu’s northwestern shore.

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Deaconess Anne House

St. Louis, MO

Invites passionate women and men to take part in a holy adventure of Christian service, spiritual formation, and intentional community.

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DioCal Interns

San Francisco, CA

A year to pioneer for the church and the world a way of living into spiritual adulthood.

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Baltimore, MD

In addition to forming an intentional community together in their city home and reflecting on the work of God in their lives and in the life of the city, Gileads work as full-time volunteers (35 hours) in nonprofit agencies.

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Episcopal Urban Intern Program

Los Angeles, CA

A founding member of the Episcopal Service Corps, EUIP is a year of service project for young adults with hearts for social justice, looking to live in intentional community and work for meaningful change in some of sunny Los Angeles’ most innovative and effective service agencies.

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Richmond, VA

Invites young adults to live in community while engaging deeply in the social, relational, economic and ecological regeneration of the Oregon Hill neighborhood.

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Johnson Service Corps

Chapel Hill and Durham, NC

JSC is a diverse, ecumenical community of young adults dedicated to service and social justice in Chapel Hill and Durham, NC.

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Jonathan Daniels House

Providence, RI

Jonathan Daniels is a martyr of the Civil Rights movement in the Episcopal Church, he was shot and killed while pushing a teenage girl out of harm’s way in Selma, Ala. The mission of JDH is to honor Daniels by planting a new community committed to continuing the work of service, justice and reconciliation that he lived and died for.

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The Julian Year

Chicago, IL

The Julian Year offers young adults the time and the space to live by faith and
work for justice in the city of Chicago.

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Lawrence House Service Corps

South Hadley, MA

Welcome. Worship. Learn. Serve. Give. Connect. The Lawrence House Service Corps engages young adults in living a life that matters, learning to connect their spiritual lives with work that makes a difference in the world.

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Life Together

Boston, MA and Fall River, MA

Our mission is to cultivate the next generation of prayerful and prophetic leaders, through spiritual practice, social justice, leadership training, and community building.

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LEVN: Lutheran Episcopal Volunteer Network

Davis/Sacramento, CA

LEVN: Transform your community. Transform your life. Leaven is an agent of change, causing bread to rise, and substances to transform.

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New York Intern Program

New York, NY

Opportunity for young adults to commit to a year of service, discernment, social justice and intentional community, based in a diverse church in Harlem NYC.

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Newark Acts


A service-learning program for young adults that will emphasize social justice, community service, spiritual formation, and communal living.

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Resurrection House

Omaha, NE

Interns discern what God is calling them to next in their lives. Emphasis is placed on exploring ordained ministry, but not to the exclusion of lay ministry.

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The Road

Atlanta, GA

Walk ways of justice and love in urban Atlanta. Live in spiritual community. Deepen your service to God and neighbor. Imagine again what is possible. The mission of The Road is to raise up compassionate, courageous, and creative servant leaders.

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Seattle Service Corps


Recognizing the other: not just for a year, but for a lifetime…

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Servant Year

Philadelphia, PA

We invite young adults to explore their vocation by carrying out a volunteer position within a partnering social service agency, school, or church.

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SSJE Monastic Internship Program

Cambridge, MA

Offer participants the opportunity to participate in the daily rhythm of prayer and work as lived by a contemporary monastic community of the Episcopal Church.

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Saint Hilda’s House

New Haven, CT

A ten-month residential young adult discernment program devoted to spiritual formation and urban ministry while living in community.

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Sycamore House Service Corps

Harrisburg, PA

For young adults who want to explore what it means to live in an intentional community – building relationships with God, each other, their parish and their city.

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Texas Episcopal Service Corps

Houston & Austin, TX

Exists to provide young adults the time and space needed to search for truth, work for social and economic justice, and be challenged to live deliberately.

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Trinity Volunteer Corps

Washington, DC

Offers young adults an experience of living in intentional community while serving full-time in social service agencies that serve the poor.

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