You’re invited to a transformative ESC Year

Through Episcopal Service Corps, young leaders 21-32 join a movement focused on transforming our world through leadership, community building, and personal and spiritual growth.


An ESC Year is not just another internship. Through placements like those listed above, our Corps members can apply their passion, talent, and creativity in meaningful placements dedicated to building a just society while also honing their professional skills to prepare for whatever is next.

Community Building

Young adults serving through ESC come from all over the world and all walks of life. What they have in common is their commitment to making a difference. For ESC, living together in intentional community means that Corps members commit to a year of growing, laughing, crying, playing, and supporting one another whether doing the dishes, in weekly house meetings, or on retreat.

Personal Growth

Throughout the year, every Corps member is surrounded by mentors and leaders dedicated to providing opportunities for Corps members to dig deep into issues that matter to them. In addition, joining ESC means that we take care of basic living expenses so our Corps can focus on transformation. Every ESC Corps member receives housing and utilities, insurance coverage, as well as stipends for food, living expenses, and transportation.

So…what do you say?

Is this is the year you step away from the expectations and pressures to achieve? Is it time to explore what it means to be you? To discover your ‘why’? To embrace hope?

Apply today.