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Network for Social Justice: Program Coordinator

The mission of Network for Social Justice is to advance equity and inclusion towards targeted systemic change in the town of Winchester, Massachusetts and beyond. The Program Coordinator Fellow will organize youth activities, oversee outreach to local faith communities, support the research development and expansion of new anti-racism learning workshops, trainings and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultancies, and assist with community organizing around specific issues and campaigns, as they arise.

Community Change, Inc: Program Assistant Fellow

Community Change Inc. (CCI)’s mission since 1968 has been to promote racial justice and equity by challenging systemic racism and acting as a catalyst for anti-racist learning and action. The Program Assistant Fellow will support the work of CCI’s program partners, including getting involved in local actions if called upon, and serve as a liaison between the programs and CCI. The fellow will also work closely with the AROS project, including assisting in a regional anti-racism mapping project.