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God in the Cloud

“What does the transfiguration have to do with a year of discernment? Why is God represented so often as a cloud?”

Episcopal Service Corps members are given the opportunity to lead worship in partner parishes, and this past Sunday, February 26th, members of Confluence Year In Columbus, Ohio crafted the prayers and sermon for their host parish, St. John’s Franklinton. ESC member, Steven Simpkins delivered the following sermon which wrestles with the above questions.

“It was about a month before my dad died. I had a moment like Peter in the Gospel reading today. I wanted to make a dwelling for the space of the dazzling white I experienced. I was amazed, terrified, and overwhelmed with love all at the same time. I wanted to eternalize that so it could be revered and honored again and again. The small seizures my dad was stricken with made him blind. His Hazelnut eyes were cloudy and he listened to where a voice came from and tried to look in that general direction. He was signing his Power of Attorney over to me. When the lawyer asked my dad if he was certain that he wanted me to be the Power of Attorney, my dad with

Why I Love Communion (& other things I never thought I’d say)

Erin Cowles, LEVN: Lutheran Episcopal Volunteer Network, 2012-13

Coming to my LEVN year with little to no experience in liturgical worship, I knew that this year would challenge my preconceptions. I was looking forward to these challenges. In fact, these challenges were the very reason I had chosen to immerse myself in the unfamiliarity of the Lutheran and Episcopal traditions. Having just recently had one of the most dry and difficult spiritual periods of my life, I looked forward to liturgy as a means of experiencing God differently. This year, I hoped, would be a year of rejuvenation. Perhaps I could find within this liturgical tradition a healing of sorts, a peace that I had as of yet failed to find anywhere else…

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