Radical Hospitality

Gwen Stembridge, class of 2012 and 2013


A reflection rap on the TCUSC experience:

Though we come from different places

We all tie our sneaker laces

Sometimes loud

Sometimes soft

In the living room we of-

-ten remark

‘bout our bark-

-ing loud neighbors

Cars they park

And we know

Flowers grow

In the yard despite the snow

In our year

It is clear

Community can be a dear

In the lights

When you find

You’re stuck between “her dish or mine”

If you move

past the stuck

drag your feet through awkward muck

just to see

in someone else

their muddy feet just like yourself

Take the time

Don’t just mime

Someone might be left behind

Lest we take

Up the task

Of really stopping to ask,

“How’s your day?”

“Can we pray?”

“C’mon guys, we’ll be delayed!”

Speaking of

Lord above

Please don’t let these people hov-

-er around

I just can’t

Stand the sound

Of these people all around

Take a walk

Just to talk

To myself

And take a

Break not the lamp

Is this damp? No its

Not like summer camp

Share your stuff

Life is tough

Yet we ain’t thug enough

For this place

We share space

Wine and beer we sit and taste

This is good

That is bad

A decision made in haste

We take it all

Can’t you see?

Radical Hospitality

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