Deaconess Anne House

St. Louis, MO


DAHLOGO (1)Located in an historic and culturally diverse neighborhood in urban St. Louis Missouri, Deaconess Anne House invites women and men to take part in a holy adventure of Christian service and intentional community. Check out our website!

We believe our neighborhood location is an indispensableimg_0011-2 component of our mission.  Members of Deaconess Anne House  join the neighborhood in its common life. In theological terms, we call this intentional effort to be with our neighbors “incarnational living,” but no matter the words you use, living together as a “village” makes life more interesting, fulfilling, and holy. You cannot “love your neighbor as yourself” if you don’t know your neighbor’s name.

Christian spiritual formation and exploration is an essential component of life at Deaconess Anne House. Members participate in Holy Communion weekly and pray daily. The flavor of this ritual is contemplative, joyful, inspiring, and communal.

amprayer2Members also follow the Monastic practice of forming and following a common “rule of life.” The rule grounds members spiritually, encourages prayer and reflection, and keeps members accountable to each other as they live together in community. Retreats, formation days, mentors, theological education, and conversations with neighbors living in a close-knit neighborhood all supplement the members’ journey of spiritual exploration.img_0061-1

Following in the steps of Deaconess Anne, our members embrace a life of service. Members spend 32 hours a week working in local not-for-profits focused on education, ecological justice, neighborhood renovation, fair housing, and health and family services. Not only do our members work for positive change in St. Louis, their time of service also provides them with invaluable experience that helps form them into dynamic leaders and competent professionals.

Life in St. Louis

St. Louis has much more to offer than its iconic skyline, Cardinals baseball, and Budweiser. This beautiful midwestern city is home to an array of diverse and unique neighborhoods with a little something for everyone.  Many of the attractions of St Louis are free: the zoo, the art museum, the science and history museums.  Check out St Louis’s Summer/Spring Beauty Here!  And here are some of the attractions of Fall/Winter!