Network for Social Justice: Program Coordinator

The mission of Network for Social Justice is to advance equity and inclusion towards targeted systemic change in the town of Winchester, Massachusetts and beyond. As NFSJ engages in statewide advocacy work, it increasingly partners with organizations housed in communities surrounding Winchester, as well as like-minded organizations across the Commonwealth. This work is accomplished through a three-pronged strategy that includes community education, engagement, and activation. Five action arms carry out this work through committees focusing on anti-racism education, community engagement, response and advocacy, schools and youth, Indigenous people, and immigrant justice.

The Program Coordinator Fellow will organize youth activities, oversee outreach to local faith communities, support the research development and expansion of new anti-racism learning workshops, trainings and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultancies, and assist with community organizing around specific issues and campaigns, as they arise. Specific work includes supporting student interns from Winchester High School and McCall Middle School and social justice club activities at the middle and high school levels; outreach to create new partnerships for NFSJ youth engagement; and leading antiracism workshops for the broader community.

This placement is available through our Boston-area program, Life Together.

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