#LentWithESC – Day 36

Passion and Vocation: A Reflection On My Year Of Service

Written by Dan Rocklin

Creating for a Cause alum

When I was asked to reflect on my experience in the Episcopal Service Corp in relation to the theme of passion, I anticipated a challenge. I am, by nature, not the type of person who gets extremely passionate. I am typically pretty calm, and tend to express enthusiasm for things with muted grunts or subtle head nods.

That being said, there are endeavors in my life that I am passionate about, even if my outward emotions would suggest otherwise. My year in the Episcopal Service Corps allowed me to deepen and discover my passion for creative work. My Episcopal Service Corps program, “Creating For a Cause” paired each volunteer with a non-profit organization in a role that would make use of our creative skills. I was lucky enough to be paired with an organization called Living Compass, and was delighted to contribute to their mission of developing and distributing a wellness curriculum. My favorite duty was the layout of long curriculum documents and the creation of promotional materials. For example, a typical day might have involved the creation of a “meme” (an illustration or picture with an inspirational quote to be shared on their Facebook page) followed by hours of laying out a long text in the style of their previous publications.

I loved this sort of work. Even when my tasks hinged on the mundane and repetitive (text kerning, repositioning an object a few pixels) I was excited to be helping in the creation of a wellness curriculum. I imagine it’s a rare thing find a vocation that you are both passionate about the work you are doing and the mission of the organization you work for. I am thankful to the Episcopal Service Corps for helping me connect my passion to a vocation. I hope that this reflection presents an opportunity for you to reflect on what you are passionate about in your life, and re-energize yourself to connect with those passions.