Meet the ESC representatives to General Convention – Part 4

Kevin Smallwood
Kevin Smallwood

Fun Fact: Kevin performed on a cruise that was headed to Bermuda, he sang “Feeling Good” by Michael Bublé on the seas.

What has been your funniest ESC moment?

My funniest ESC moment happened during the winter, which was an experience itself considering the fact that winter in New England is brutal and long. My program director bought plastic sleds for me and my housemates to use to keep us from going stir crazy. As I prepared to go for a ride down the hill, I got in the sled only to plummet into inches of snow and not move an inch, in a sense I was frozen in place.

What program are you serving with? What’s your service site?

I currently serve in the Lawrence House Service Corps, located in South Hadley, MA and work at Christ Church Cathedral in Springfield, MA, where he coordinates the program “Faith in Action” or “Fe en Acción”.

What’s your story?

I call Washington, D.C. my hometown, although I have lived in many parts of the DMV (D.C./Maryland/Virginia) Transit area. I graduated from Towson University in May of 2014 with a BA in Sociology and Women/Gender Studies.

What message are you excited most excited to share at General Convention?

When we welcome, we must welcome all children of God with open hearts and minds in order to truly be transformed in the name of Jesus Christ.