Meet the ESC representatives to General Convention – Part 3

Logan Rimel
Logan Rimel

Fun Fact: Logan has 4 tattoos, one of which represents their time spent in intentional community: an eight-sided baptismal font with the words “You will be in the midst of them” from the Prayer of St. Chrysostom carved into the base.

What has been your funniest ESC moment?

I once hid a can of spam in the bed of a housemate while he was napping, and inadvertently unleashed a prank war that has now spanned years and most of the country. I changed his computer background, he relaced all of my shoes in the wrong direction; I mailed him glitter in an envelope, he responded by sending me 1,000 live mealworms. And so it continues.

What program are you serving with? What’s your service site?

I serve in the Diocal Interns program as the intern for the Discipleship Ministries Working Group.

What’s your story?

I spent the first 18 years of my life in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. They I moved to Poughkeepsie, NY to attend Vassar College, where I received a BA in Religion.

What message are you excited most excited to share at General Convention?

We have been promised transformation – it’s already happening.