Meet the ESC representatives to General Convention – Part 2

Mia Benjamin
Mia Benjamin

Fun Fact: Mia and her two sisters love to knit and sew. They made quilts for each other out of old jeans for their high school graduations.

What has been your funniest ESC moment?

One of the challenges of teaching Godly Play to seven and eight year-olds is getting them to put the materials back carefully at the end of class. One of our boys has struggled mightily with rolling up the fleece strips we use as backgrounds. One day, after doing his absolute best, the boy regretfully handed me a wadded up piece of cloth and sighed sadly, “That’s just how I roll.”

What program are you serving with? What’s your service site?

I work as the Urban Outreach Ministry intern at Grace Episcopal Church in Medford, MA. I’m currently a first year fellow in the Boston-based Life Together program and I’ll be continuing for a second year next year.

What’s your story?

I’m from Fairfield, CT. I studied Religion with a focus on Islam and Arabic at Middlebury College in Vermont.

What message are you excited most excited to share at General Convention?

The Episcopal Church should prioritize engaging with young adults from all faith backgrounds. Some of ESC’s most important work is in demonstrating the connection between social justice values and the Christian message to young adults outside of the church.