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But on when the vest, his figure is slightly shocked at the attack soon after the fall of Liu Mubai dust, animal husbandry, followed by Liu Mubai offensive, that is, through the past from its body. Ink Ridge took a deep breath, then clasped palms, a Unit of spiritual power flowed from his body. Dust, animal husbandry, Liu looked darkly Mubai, also smiled gently, slowly exhales, in fact, for the spirit of the array are arranged in battle, he is also trying to hold some of the lucky psychology, after all, this is extremely difficult, although in This month, he kept in mind and feeling kind of mysterious array of state, but once the error occurs, that he would pay no small price. With the emergence of these points of light, that Liu Ling wheel Mubai territory late spiritual power fluctuations, turned out to be once again started moving up, the last in round after round of surprise eyes, reached the pinnacle of spiritual late round habitat. cheap nfl jerseys online " He made these remarks one, suddenly came off of some boos, just stop, if not, then willow dyke, dust, animal husbandry, fear has prevailed. So offensive, even if the territory is to have a round of late spiritual strength of the people, was extremely afraid of is fear.

One pair of muddy eyes, raised little interest: "the main event finally play the ah." Although animal husbandry Feng Liu also admitted Mubai have the ability, but he also has faith that his son would not be bad to go than others. Put your mother's shit! Not lose the input array, you have to shameless Liu domain?" Animal husbandry Feng sneered. Dust, animal husbandry, also staring at the field, in the previous Liu Mubai shot, his eyes slightly condensate of condensate, which is the kind of speed, was actually not inferior to him, this willow Mubai, really powerful. The dust was the son of the main animal husbandry, animal husbandry, animal husbandry, the domain of the front, right? Indeed some ability ah.

" Liu faced Mubai Zhefan attitude, ink Ridge is also some green and red alternately pale, but each other's strength indeed tyrannical, his roots, there is no other way, this battle, he would lose, he can do now , is to let yourself get too ugly not lose." Look at this pattern, this boy is quite extraordinary ah, this ability, even in the way of the Spirit, nor bad, right?" Who knows but even expelled out to his business, to get into the top five hospital should have no difficulty. A surge of violent blast, with two people as the center, swept open. Yan Ling violent fist!" Chen Tong saw dust, animal husbandry, stop, eyes passing touch is lighted up, immediately taken the step, the body count them out at this time of spiritual power emission, that on the fist, like a flame superimposed layers, then fiercely for the animal husbandry and dust boom of the past. cheap jerseys online A shadow, if lightning fast Unreal away from that storm swept out of the minaret into a fist filled with black light regret that, on top of its fist, two black light print wound surface.