Go Ahead and Get Started

Here you will find important dates, application deadlines, helpful tips, and access to our location and program finders. All of these resources will aid you in the application process in finding your perfect program match.


Thursday, December 1st

Application opens for the 2017-18 year of service


Programs continue to receive applications and interview. Directors select which applicants will receive an offer on #FirstOfferFriday.

Tip No. 1

Consider applying to a range of programs that interest you. If you are flexible about your location, you improve your chances of serving with an ESC program.

Monday, January 16th

Round 1 Deadline

Programs receive the largest number of applications in this round. Be sure to apply in January for the best selection of positions and programs.

Tip No. 2

Ask for specific examples of the service that you would do. Would you like to work with refugees or formerly incarcerated men and women, with kids or with the homeless, with non-profit managers or with a campus ministry? Take the nature of your service position into consideration.

February  – March

Programs are busy conducting interviews and offering positions. However, new positions may become available. Contact individual programs for new openings.


Some programs will be filled completely, but there are still positions available!


January 27th

Get Your Offer

Programs begin to offer placements to qualified applicants on ESC’s #FirstOfferFriday


Tip No. 3

Each of our programs has a unique identity. Before your interview, consider what attracts you to a specific program.

Wednesday, March 15th

Round 2 Deadline

Some programs will begin to fill at this deadline. Applicants applying now will have less choice in positions and programs.

Tip No. 4

Show your personality in your essays and during interviews! Along with being qualified for service site positions, program directors are also looking for people who would work well in community.

Round 3 Deadline

Saturday, June 1st

Often programs are still looking to fill one to two positions. Applicants applying now will have less choice in worksites, but many programs are still excited to interview potential candidates.


August 2016

Corps members begin the 2016-17 year of service! Check with individual programs for specific start dates for their corps members.

Tip No. 6

Good references include professors, campus ministers,volunteer or work supervisors, pastors, coaches, advisors, and mentors since they can comment on your work habits, how you relate to others, or your spiritual life.

Tip No. 5

If you’re not sure whether a program or site is for you, ask to speak with a current corps member or alumnus. You can also check out our Ambassador page for a list of people to reach out to!