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Summer 2015 Newsletter

As ESC welcomes our 2015-16 class of corps members, we look back at 2014-15 and beyond. Click here or on each page below to read ESC’s Summer 2015 newsletter!

Why I Love Communion (& other things I never thought I’d say)

Erin Cowles, LEVN: Lutheran Episcopal Volunteer Network, 2012-13

Coming to my LEVN year with little to no experience in liturgical worship, I knew that this year would challenge my preconceptions. I was looking forward to these challenges. In fact, these challenges were the very reason I had chosen to immerse myself in the unfamiliarity of the Lutheran and Episcopal traditions. Having just recently had one of the most dry and difficult spiritual periods of my life, I looked forward to liturgy as a means of experiencing God differently. This year, I hoped, would be a year of rejuvenation. Perhaps I could find within this liturgical tradition a healing of sorts, a peace that I had as of yet failed to find anywhere else…

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