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Summer 2015 Newsletter

As ESC welcomes our 2015-16 class of corps members, we look back at 2014-15 and beyond. Click here or on each page below to read ESC’s Summer 2015 newsletter!

The End: Change, Vulnerability, and Julian of Norwich

Rosa Todaro, The Julian Year 2012-13

This year, living in community forced me to be vulnerable. There wasn’t much I could hide from my housemates—I couldn’t even hide the fact that I was hiding. A few months into the year, my housemate Nate flat out told me I never talk about myself. It frustrated me at first to hear this, but his comment ended up being a wonderful and essential realization for me. My housemates and I grew closer by acknowledging our imperfections and troubles. Together, we shared each other’s pains and joys. We saw each other at our worst and best, and ultimately it’s this that helped us become so close. This year, I realized vulnerability is not synonymous with weakness (I didn’t make this up, don’t quote me, go click on “TED talk” above and watch the TED talk).…


JoBeth Hamon, The Julian Year 2012-13

My theology has changed – I’ve spent a lot of time in the recent past, determined to figure out what I believe and where I fit into the life of faith and the church. This year, I’ve taken breaks from church services, been involved with a small group, and explored spirituality with my program. Eventually, I realized I needed to give myself some room to breath in matters related to my faith (mostly through the encouragement of others around me) and that has been one of the best things about this year. I feel so much more comfortable with the ambiguity and uncertainty of my beliefs. I’m okay with not needing to have definitions and outlines for exactly who I am and what I believe (after all, I’m only 23). Instead, I’m encouraged in having language and structures that can order the way I walk through life with other people, fuel my passion for justice, and replenish me when I’m running on empty.

I’ve encountered God in other people this year – not books, or lectures, or papers – but in the faces of my roommates, program director, co-workers, clients, and friends. What had