Reflecting on my EUIP Experience

Sanchez Chrysalis, Episcopal Urban Intern Program, 2012-13

This year has been a great learning experience for me with building relationships with individuals of different cultural backgrounds than myself, learning what I like and dislike when it comes to me connecting with God on a spiritual level, and all while gaining work experience in the career field I’m most interested in.

[In many cases this year I have extended my family, because I have created several new brothers and sisters through different interactions, some are more strong then others, but needless to say they are all great.  Some of the greatest memories I have that I will never forget are getting caught in a female dominated conversation with my roommates being the only guy in the house, partying with my “partners in crime” at the Hollywood house, having great potluck dinners, traveling all the way to Inglewood, and 2-stepping with my fellow Detroiter in the program.  These are just to name a few and there is so many more.]