Saint Hilda’s House

New Haven, CT

Saint Hilda’s House is a ten-month residential young adult discernment program devoted to spiritual formation and urban ministry while living in community. Our unique setting, in the heart of Yale University and New Haven, gives Hildans access to a diverse range of educational, service, and spiritual resources.

Service at Saint Hilda’s

Hildans work in programs dedicated to addressing poverty, lack of education, lack of affordable housing, food insecurity, and other issues. We work closely with those we serve, in order to build loving relationships rather than merely providing a service from a removed position. If you want to see some of the amazing work our partners are doing, check out the Service page on our website.

Formation at Saint Hilda’s

Formation lies at the center of Saint Hilda’s. This year of service and community is also a year to be formed by God through those you encounter on the way, whether those you work with or those you live with.

A year at Saint Hilda’s is marked by regular daily prayer, theological reflection with some of the finest scholars in their fields, spiritual direction as individuals and as a group, house meetings with mentors, individual mentoring, close contact with supervisors in your work sites, and more. Still want more info? Here’s our full length Formation page.

Intentional Community

Hildans grow through living with other Christians while trying to practice the ancient ways of the faith intentionally, including eating and praying together. This communal lifestyle is counter-cultural, and through this experience Hildans come to a deep understanding of how their actions affect others. It is an attempt to live out Jesus’ commandment to love neighbor as self in a literal and intentional way.

Hildans live in Saint Hilda’s House, the very house occupied by three Deaconesses who cared for the poor and orphan in New Haven. The house is spacious, meaning both that Hildans actually have room to do things all together as a community and that they can take some time for their own reflection. The community also gets a shared food stipend, so that Hildans never have to worry about either room or board for the duration of their time in New Haven.

And for more on what it’s like living in community, here’s the Community page on our website.

More Stuff

Interested in exploring St. Hilda’s further? Be sure to check out our blog, where Hildans take the opportunity to write reflections on matters both spiritual and material. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Above all, please don’t hesitate to contact Father Carlos de la Torre at if you have any questions!