Seattle Service Corps


Saint Mark’s Service Corps program is a chance for young adults to explore their faith and discernment in the context of justice and community. A year spent here is a commitment to:

• Living in intentional Christian community
• Serving 32 hours per week at a local church or nonprofit
• Participating in the worshiping and communal life of Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral
• Discerning questions of personal growth, spiritual transformation, and vocational call
• Learning a new way to be the ears, hands, eyes and heart of God. Not just for a year, but for our life.

Seattle Service CorpsCorps members will be incorporated into the daily rhythm of Saint Mark’s Cathedral with an opportunity for leadership in the parish and ministry.  This will be done by listening to what gifts they bring to the community and equipping them with ministry skills. In a more intimate way, they will “get to” worship, discern and practice their faith in a more intimate setting with their co-habitators.

Social justice is in the fabric of the Saint Mark’s identity and we plan on cultivating that identity with the members of the service corps. The corps members will actively work in social justice ministry at Saint Mark’s to lead the way in the work of justice, solidarity, and support of the “other.”  To learn more about the direction and focus of social justice at Saint Mark’s, please read the Statement of Commitment and Action, adopted December 20, 2016. The 2017-18 corps team will work together with the Cathedral in dreaming this commitment into action.

A major aspect of the work done at the Seattle Service Corps is in community. The way we live together, move together, and sit in the tension together is a very important aspect of living in an intentional community. Our community life informs our work like and vice versa. We see the work we do and they way we commune as 2 parts of a whole in forming and finding a vocational call.

In our first year of service, here are where our Corps have served:

  • Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral
  • Holy Cross Episcopal Church, Redmond
  • Saint Margaret’s Episcopal Church, Bellevue
  • Refugee Resettlement Office
  • Mission to the Seafarers
  • Diocese of Olympia, Formation

If you have any questions, please contact:


Malcolm McLaurin,
Canon for Youth and Young Adult Ministry
Program Director for the Seattle Service Corp