The Road

Atlanta, GA

“True community is based on equality, mutuality and reciprocity. It affirms the richness of individual diversity as well as the common human ties that bind us together.” ~ Anna Pauline “Pauli” Murray

The Road, a program of Emmaus House, beckons a diverse group of young adults to spend a year in community as companions on a journey of holy adventure and purposeful engagement with people overcoming the barriers of poverty in the city of Atlanta. Fellows will work 32 hours each week in settings committed to reconciliation, justice, advocacy, and service. In addition, fellows will spend 3 hours per week volunteering in one of several Emmaus House programs serving neighborhood children and families, which include after school tutoring, family literacy, parenting classes, and Saturday STE(A)M. One day a week will be devoted to spiritual discernment and reflection as well as developing the skills necessary for service work at their site placements in the Atlanta community and for life beyond the Road.

The Road Fellows

We seek Fellows who can bring their passions, questions, and curiosity to collaborative work and to the endeavor of building more just and liberating communities. Ideally, Fellows at The Road will be from many walks of life who have experienced the world in different ways, allowing the gifts of differences to challenge and enrich a year of inner and outer growth.

Road fellows are young adults who want to explore the connection between faith and social change, commit to community and simplicity, and grow in capacity for compassionate, courageous, and imaginative leadership. We welcome Fellows who are intrigued and inspired by these values and wish to inhabit them more fully:

  • Building Spiritual Community
  • Advocacy for Marginalized and Vulnerable People
  • Radical Hospitality
  • Servant leadership
  • Imagination, Experimentation, and Holy Adventure
  • Prayerful Reflection, Discernment, and Study
  • Engagement with children, adults and families in the context of a vibrant inner-city neighborhood

The Road is grounded in these values and in a regular rhythm of communal meals, communal prayer, reflection, celebration and service.

We partner with church and community leaders, teachers, and activists from the larger Atlanta area, who share their wisdom and experience with issues of social justice, poverty, and the related concerns: homelessness, education, healthcare, unemployment, incarceration, immigration, and addiction.

A journey with The Road offers support, mentoring, transformational practices, and unexpected discoveries and joys. We welcome those discerning vocations in ordained ministry and equally those discerning vocations in the world Christ came to heal and save.

Our Neighborhood and City

Fellows will live together at Emmaus House (, an Episcopal parish and community-based ministry in the Peoplestown neighborhood. Peoplestown and the city of Atlanta share a rich and profound history in the civil rights movement and in community organizing, which provides an important context for the year.

Atlanta is a vibrant city with energetic arts, theatre and music scenes, several historic universities, great weather, beautiful trees, and always interesting politics!

Our Name

The Road was chosen for many reasons. It resonates with journeys of faith in the Scriptures—on the roads to Jerusalem, Damascus and Emmaus. It reminds us of the common journey we all share as God’s children, journeys of faith and doubt, certainty and confusion, joy and sorrow, searching and finding. It recalls those roads which were key in the history of civil rights and of seeking justice for all in our nation—from Selma to Montgomery, from places of powerlessness to Washington D.C. God invites us to travel together on new roads that open us to new possibilities for understanding, for service, and for transformation which we may never have imagined. We are all about the journey, the road, and companionship along the way.

Our Mission and Hope

The mission of The Road Episcopal Service Corps is to equip and empower young adults for lives of service, leadership and advocacy on behalf of the least of these in our society. We seek encounters that allow us to develop relationships with our neighbors and experiences that prepare us to create liberating and healing communities for all people.

Emmaus House Values Statement

“Emmaus House stands for justice and equity, rooted in faith and a deep respect for the dignity of every human being. We harness the power of community, education, hope and love to dismantle poverty, racism, and other barriers to opportunity in the lives and communities we serve.”