New York Service and Justice Collaborative

New York, NY

The New York Service and Justice Collaborative (NYSJC) is an opportunity for young adults to commit to a year of service, discernment, social and economic justice work, and intentional community living: based in a diverse Harlem church community.

Mission: Fostering young adult leadership and communities of service through contemplation, critical thinking and embodied action for justice.

Recent college graduates, ages 22-28, join the NYSJC from late August through mid-August of the following year, to provide services to people in need, through initiatives at some of New York City’s most innovative and caring agencies.

NYSJC has two intentional community sites – an apartment at St. Mary’s Harlem – the “I Am Not Afraid” Church and a rectory at Trinity Episcopal Church, in the Morrisania section of the Bronx. The Corps members participate in the worship life and social action happening in and around these vibrant communities of faith. Fellow at St. Mary’s live in a 5 bedroom apartment, while fellow at Trinity live in a 6 bedroom Trinity House.

NYSJC believes God can be found in and through relationships. We are committed to social and economic justice and urban ministries. NYSJC exposes young adults to the complexities of systemic injustice while also empowering them to explore and enact faith-filled responses. Examples of past internships include working with immigrants and refugees, hurricane victims, people with AIDS, tenant groups, disadvantaged children, former inmates, and formerly homeless families and individuals. Throughout the year, interns receive abundant support and formation facilitated by NYSJC staff to help them connect their experiences with their own yearnings and leadings.

We value diversity and welcome applicants of all backgrounds. We offer a year of immersion in an Episcopal faith community while also exploring diverse religious traditions through the lens of social and economic justice, learning about living lives of meaning, inspired by world-changing values. Our interns discern and clarify next steps, and prepare themselves for future work in justice and peace building, graduate school, professional advancement, religious vocations, community organizing, and other endeavors.



Cassandra Eddington, Program Coordinator