LEVN: Lutheran Episcopal Volunteer Network

Davis/Sacramento, CA

LEVN: Transform your community. Transform your life. Leaven is an agent of change, causing bread to rise, and substances to transform. During your LEVN year, you will be leaven in the community. Watch how the experience impacts and changes your life and the world around you!

LEVN corps members will live in community in a 4 bedroom duplex located across the street from the University of California, Davis, a top-ranked public university. Corp members spend forty hours per week in their placement sites, with weekly dinners, worship, and community building activities for formation and enrichment. Retreats and programs enhance spiritual and vocational discernment. Placement sites are diverse, and vary from working in direct services and client care to development and administrative support, in fields such as social services, church ministries, community organization, and youth education.

The front half of the duplex that houses the corps members is the Lutheran Episcopal Campus Ministry that serves UCD. LEVN staff, office space, communal and worship space will be shared with the campus ministry. For over 25 years, the ministry has served both Lutheran and Episcopal students. Thus, ecumenical ministry permeates this place. LEVN is also ecumenical in nature, having partnerships with Episcopal and Lutheran entities. Worship and spiritual resources will be culled from both traditions, giving us a robust set of resources to draw upon for spiritual inspiration and formation. Of course, all are welcome who are willing to explore faith in these rich Christian traditions.

Davis is a college town approximately 20 minutes outside of Sacramento, the Capitol of California. Corps members live very close to the UC Davis campus and Downtown Davis, with easy access to many shops, restaurants, and services. Davis is known for its progressive stance on environmental care, and hosts a large farmers’ market downtown twice per week. Most people in Davis travel by bike, and all locations in Davis are bike accessible. Public transportation includes bus and train service into downtown Sacramento and the Bay Area. There is also a zip car program in Davis. Some placement sites will require having a car, but most will be accessible by public transportation.

Are you ready to be an agent of transformation? Join us, and see how God will use you to impact the community! Learn more at www.levn.org.