Creation Care at Camp Mokule‘ia

Waialua, HI

Creation Care Hawai’i program, based at Camp Mokule’ia, offers a year of Christ and Creation centered service.

Located on Oahu’s northwestern shore, Camp Mokule‘ia is a year-round camp and conference center that is a part of the Episcopal Diocese of Hawai’I. We are inspired by both our Episcopal and Hawaiian roots to be a model of care-ful and abundant living through our operations and programs.

Focused on sustainable outdoor unified living (SOUL) in intentional community, ESC members live and work toward environmental and social justice through serving others and the land!

ESC members are between the ages of 21 – 29, following a call to a balanced, harmonious, and just life that is not only rooted in our Biblical tradition but also inherent in the culture and spiritual traditions of the Hawaiian people, who for almost a thousand years lived harmoniously and sustainably in this remote place.

ESC Creation Care Hawai’i members are self-motivated, lively, physically active, responsible, socially aware, positive, dedicated, and curious with a mind for community, place, and spirit.

During their year of service ESC members live and work in community at the camp, spending their days of service rooted in prayer and reflection, including daily Ora et Labora (work and prayer), weekly Love Feast, and monthly Community Dinner, while they work together to divide their time between a variety of tasks such as, but not limited to, maintaining creative garden spaces, working on system-based sustainability projects, engaging in the ministry of hospitality with our guests, and leading programs with campers on team building, island ecology, and food systems.

Corps members live with a renewed vision of abundance together, primarily electricity free, in a yurt village at the camp. They share not just meals and living spaces, spiritual study and direction, but also the glorious starlit nights outside their doors, the gentle lullaby of surf breaking on our fringing reef, morning’s bird song, and evening’s hush – in short, a daily glorious reminder of the utter beauty that God creates and our call to assure that beauty and abundance exists for all.

As a member of ESC, your basic needs are taken care of with a small personal stipend monthly, assistance with acquiring health insurance in Hawaii, as well as collective access to one of the camp’s vehicles.

The ESC Creation Care service year runs from August 1– Mid to end July of the following year, with the month of December off for holiday travel or visiting friends and family.