Creation Care at Camp Mokule‘ia

Waialua, HI

Camp Mokule‘ia is a year-round camp owned by the Episcopal Diocese of Hawaii with a rich and varied setting on Oahu’s northwestern shore. Over 15,000 people every year enjoy our pristine setting with a variety of accommodations, a mile long beach, gentle swimming, a shoreline forest, and an emergent sustainably operating farm and garden.

In the 21st century there is no question that pain, suffering, and injustice abounds in almost every corner of the globe. The root causes for such injustice are many, but one could argue that at the core for many of our struggles is the human disconnect from God’s creation – choosing to live apart from rather than be a part of God’s whole creation. To be a person of faith in the 21st century, to work for justice and wholeness throughout, demands that we pay fervent attention to our relationship with God’s creation and demands that we learn once again to live with the harmony and balance that God has imbued in the entirety of the Creation.

This call to balanced, harmonious, and just living is not only rooted in our Biblical tradition but also inherent in the culture and spiritual traditions of the Hawaiian people, who for more than a thousand years lived harmoniously and sustainably on this the most remote place on the planet. At Camp Mokule‘ia, inspired by both our Episcopal and Hawaiian roots, we endeavor to be a model of such care-ful and abundant living through both our operations (for instance, we employ water catchment and gray water systems, utilize renewable energy, use waste vegetable oil to power our vehicles, practice sustainable farming, etc.) and programs (fun and engaging camps conferences, retreats.)

Our ESC members will be integrated into every aspect of the camp’s life. Most importantly, they will be trained to deliver our programmatic offerings that have a focus on living in concert with the harmony and balance of God’s creation. We anticipate program delivery to fill 50% of their time. We anticipate another 30% of their time will be involved in our camp’s Creation Care activities (assisting with our farm and garden, our composting, recycling and waste vegetable oil conversion systems, developing our community garden, etc.). The last 20% will be helping us with our ministry of hospitality (Practicing the Presence of God through food preparation, washing dishes, cleaning rooms etc.). Essential to their work will be reflection centered on the question “What does it mean to be a person of faith in a world in which God’s creation truly begins to groan?” It is our goal that for our guests transformational seeds will be planted after a few creation-centered and harmonious days spent here in this special place. We hope those seeds will blossom and bloom in changed habits, behaviors and awareness in their homes and lives, and we intend for our ESC members to be integral in that process.

Corps members will live simply together, primarily off-the-grid, in a yurt village on our property. They will share not just meals, spiritual study and direction, but also the glorious starlit nights outside their doors, the gentle lullaby of surf breaking on our fringing reef, morning’s bird song, and evening’s hush – in short, a daily glorious reminder of the utter beauty that God creates and our call to assure that beauty and abundance exists for all.