Abundant Table Farm Project

Santa Paula, CA

The Abundant Table Farm Project (ATFP) is a young adult Christian community seeking a contemporary rhythm of life with a land based ministry in Ventura County. The goal of this service is to connect with young adults who are attuned to the destructive disconnect between land and table in our culture.

ATFP seeks to provide an alternative model of living for young adults interested in vocational discernment around spirituality, community, and stewardship of Creation. We hope to create a space where young adults can negotiate what it means to live out the gospel message within the local community and the broader church, in our current context of human beings alienated from each other and the earth.

This project will equip young adults with practical and spiritual skills for creating sustainable community and agriculture. ATFP participants will leave our program with first-hand knowledge of issues related to the above mentioned disconnect–including environmental sustainability; organic, small scale agriculture vs. industrial agribusiness; community health and access to unprocessed foods, especially as it relates to disadvantaged communities; immigration and labor issues – and a passion to work for justice around these issues.

We offer a one to two years of service with Episcopal Service Corps (ESC) for young adults interested in farming/gardening, living in community with others, vocational discernment, spiritual reflection and engaging in community justice building.

While our service experience changes from year to year, you can expect the following components:

  • Intentional communal living.
  • A service position with a local land-based organization such as a small scale organic farm, a community garden, a native plant nursery, etc.
  • Community organizing, spiritual formation and/or youth education opportunities
  • Social, theological, spiritual, and personal reflection on experience.

You will also be incorporated into our larger organizational community, which includes the Abundant Table house church, Join the Farm! Farm to School project, and the wider Ventura County food justice community.

The Abundant Table, which is the umbrella organization of the Abundant Table Farm Project, started as the Episcopal campus ministry at California State University, Channel Islands in 2004. Since then the organization has grown to include the campus ministry, as well as, a community house church, a small organic farm (Join the Farm!)2 , Farm to School educational projects, and Farm to Faith outreach projects.

1. Most participants are between the ages of 21 to 30, however we are opening to considering applicants as young as 19 if they appear suitable for the program.
2. We have recently moved off of the farm we were working, and are in the process of acquiring new land. We currently partner with local community gardens and are growing food on a large portion of the Farm House backyard.

More Info:

Program Year: September 1st through July 31st


  • Housing
  • $400 monthly stipend minus taxes
  • Health insurance
  • Access to the produce grown.

Please note: This type of service includes strenuous work, demanding schedule, little vacation, and the need for good communication skills is very important as there are plentiful requests for engagement with the community.