The Abraham Project (On hiatus 2018-2019)

Winston-Salem, NC

The Abraham Project, in the heart of Winston-Salem, NC, offers a unique challenge to live a radical year. Living in community and working for the community, project members will work alongside local agencies to rebuild lives and hope. By living simply with others in community, project members will be challenged to explore faith and life faithfully lived.

Winston-Salem is a beautiful city with religious roots. Interns can visit Old Salem; a community first settled by Moravians. Drive one hour west and you are in the breath-taking Blue Ridge Mountains. Drive four hours east and experience our wonderful coastline. Both offering great opportunities for group excursions.

The Abraham Project is a non-profit organization sponsored by St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church. St. Timothy’s was built in the 1950’s and has been growing through God’s love ever since. St. Timothy’s has a diverse congregation of all ages and backgrounds. It is a friendly and loving family that looks forward to welcoming interns each year. We are confident that our interns will feel at home and part of a family with the people that make up St. Timothy’s.

In choosing a name for our program we were inspired by God’s call to Abram in the book of Genesis. Abram; completely trusting in God, leaves everything he knows for a journey full of unknowns. In the end Abram becomes Abraham; a new name, a new person. We invite you to “go from your country, your people, and your father’s household” to a land to see and share the work of God. It is our hope that at the end of your journey with us, you leave the program being a different person than you were at the start.

The interns of TAP will be placed in organizations that serve the poor, needy, and hungry, and those who are in a temporary struggle for whatever the reason. There is a strong possibility that there will be an opportunity to work in an environment that serves the developmental and educational needs of children that have developmental delays.  Our program also is heavily involved in our church’s Homeless Women’s Shelter which runs December- April.