Nancy Nicholson

Mother of Anne Nicholson, Resurrection House alum

My daughter, Anne, was an ESC intern at Resurrection House in Omaha during the year 2009-10. Anne was a recent college graduate who was discerning a call to ordained ministry. Her time in Omaha was a formative one for her. She was challenged to live in community. She was inspired by her experience working for a non-profit organization promoting interfaith cooperation. Her experiences as an intern at All Saints, Omaha were formative in her journey to the priesthood. As a parent I was grateful for her time as an ESC intern.

Debbie Vanatta

Mother of Natalie Vanatta, Life Together alum

My daughter, Natalie, made a decision before she completed her undergrad degree that she wanted to pursue her dreams while continuing her close relationship with her Episcopal family. The perfect choice for her was an internship with the Episcopal Service Corps in her city of choice, Boston. The impact that decision has made on her life is immeasurable. With the support and guidance from ESC, Natalie has established a full and meaningful life within the Boston Diocese and has continued her involvement with ESC as a National Committee member. I believe her experience with ESC has helped her to understand what her ultimate goals are and how to obtain those goals. Natalie now calls Boston her home.

Liz & Erich Pearson

Parents of Page Pearson, All Saints' Atlanta Project alum

The first change Page's year-long internship with ESC brought about within her was the mere fact she had made the decision to join. To us, this was a clear signal that she was ready to step outside her comfort zone and to tackle new responsibilities in an unfamiliar environment without the customary support of her family and friends around her.

Very soon after starting in the program, we also noticed that she chose to rely on herself for her day-today needs, and didn't reach out to us as she had in the past. She has become self-reliant. Although she has always been a people-person who feels comfortable in a group setting, we noticed a shift in how she relates to others around her. Her written communications and even her speech have become more focused, and directed as she engaged with the activities and challenges that were placed before her in ESC. Engaging with a group of people who are pulling together for a common goal has clearly energized her, and she has become more productive, getting more tasks done and feeling a deeper sense of accomplishment derived from the work she does.

Finally, and most reassuring to us, is the flowering of her spiritual self. Being in the ESC program, and working so closely with the other ASAP folks and members of the All Saints community has fostered a deeper spiritual awareness within her. It is clearly evident in how she speaks. It comes out in her Facebook posts. She is more cognizant of her connection with God.