Parent FAQ

Will serving with ESC help my young adult get into the field of their choice?
The connections that corps members make while serving with ESC oftentimes help them to establish themselves professionally. ESC program directors and site supervisors make great references for job or graduate school applications. It is also not uncommon for a corps member to be hired by the organization with which they served.
What will be the cost for my young adult to do a year of service with ESC?
It costs nothing to serve with ESC. Most programs are not able to cover travel costs; so, moving to and from your city of service is the only direct cost of serving with Episcopal Service Corps. ESC programs provide housing, health care (if needed), transportation, groceries, and personal stipend. This means that, barring extenuating circumstances, corps members do not have need of outside income.
Why should my young adult serve with ESC instead of AmeriCorps?
We believe that the support offered by the ESC community is extraordinary and unmatched by any AmeriCorps program. Corps members not only have their house community that offers emotional and spiritual support, but also are connected to ESC supporters (churches, nonprofits, diocese, and individuals) that donate their time and resources to mentor and advise corps members during their year of service.
Why should my young adult serve with ESC instead of go straight to graduate school?
Many corps members use their free time during their year of service to study for the LSAT, MCAT, or GRE and apply to graduate school. ESC programs begin in August and end during the following Summer to allow corps members to easily transition to and from the academic calendar year. A year of service is also a great way to build professional experience to bolster a graduate school application.
Does ESC offer an end of service education award?
ESC does not offer an education award.

A few ESC programs offer an end of the year bonus to help their corps members transition out of their year of service.
Can my young adult defer student loan payments while serving with ESC?
Your young adult can defer eligible student loans during their year of service.