Hello from new Intern Sarah Wurst

Xochitl Rocha, Abundant Table Farm Project 2012-2013

Some of my favorite moments at the garden are when a preschooler discovers that a carrot comes out of the ground. Or how excited the preschoolers get when they realize I am going to take them out to the garden and are eager to know what they are going to taste. Or the fascination the kids have with the worms in the compost bins, some of them even wanted to keep them as pets! I will take with me the great conversations I have had with many of the volunteers and all that I have learned from them and the friendships formed.

While I have learned a great deal about what is all involved with gardening through working at Community Roots I have also gotten a sense of what goes into farming through working at Join the Farm! Every Friday my roommates and I shared in a community workday. These farm workdays have shown me the value of manual labor. I have so much respect for the farm workers who tend to the crops day in and day out. When it comes down to it if you don’t grow your own food than you rely on the farm workers to feed you. Farming is hard work, imagine weeding or thinning beets in a 250 ft. long row…it’s a lot of crouching down. But it is honest work…