ESC Staff Transition

Dear ESC Friends and Supporters,

It is with true mixed emotions that I share with you that our Executive Director, the Rev. Amity Carrubba, has accepted her next call to serve the larger Episcopal Church community.

Amity will be leaving the staff effective March 18th, but she will continue to work with ESC to insure a smooth transition. She will also be present at ESC’s Spring Meeting in Denver, CO in April.

Amity’s leadership has guided ESC’s development into a fully nation-wide network pointing to the future of the church and the world. We are grateful for her time and her steadfast dedication to the needs of young adults and program directors of ESC.

The ESC board is in the process of recruiting interim leadership, and in the coming weeks will communicate the process for filling the permanent Executive Director position. In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any thoughts or questions.

While we are sad that Amity is leaving, we are thankful that she has been such an integral part of the growth and health of the Episcopal Service Corps, and we pray for her future adventures. I hope you will join me in thanking her for her time

ESC Seeks Grant Writer Consultant

Episcopal Service Corps is growing! To ensure that our ministry continues to flourish we are applying to AmeriCorps for a national grant. Do you know an experienced grant writer that is interested in working on this project with us? Details about the project are in the Request for Proposal below.

Scope of Service

The selected consultant will:

-Read and understand AmeriCorps’ 2016 Notice of Funding Opportunities (NOFO) found here

-Write the ESC application informed by the 2016 NOFO application instructions

-Collaborate with the ESC AmeriCorps committee and executive director during writing and revision process to request information and incorporate edits

-Track deadlines and submit grant application by deadline of Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Background and Experience

The successful consultant will demonstrate experience in and understanding of the AmeriCorps grant application process. The selected consultant will work in collaboration with the ESC AmeriCorps committee as well as the executive director.

We seek an individual with excellent written communication and organizational skills, a demonstrated record of success with grant writing, and a demonstrated ability to work successfully in a collaborative not-for-profit environment.



Meet the ESC representatives to General Convention – Part 4

Kevin Smallwood

Fun Fact: Kevin performed on a cruise that was headed to Bermuda, he sang “Feeling Good” by Michael Bublé on the seas.

What has been your funniest ESC moment? My funniest ESC moment happened during the winter, which was an experience itself considering the fact that winter in New England is brutal and long. My program director bought plastic sleds for me and my housemates to use to keep us from going stir crazy. As I prepared to go for a ride down the hill, I got in the sled only to plummet into inches of snow and not move an inch, in a sense I was frozen in place. What program are you serving with? What’s your service site?

I currently serve in the Lawrence House Service Corps, located in South Hadley, MA and work at Christ Church Cathedral in Springfield, MA, where he coordinates the program “Faith in Action” or “Fe en Acción”.

What’s your story? I call Washington, D.C. my hometown, although I have lived in many parts of the DMV (D.C./Maryland/Virginia) Transit area. I graduated from Towson University in May of 2014 with a BA in Sociology and Women/Gender Studies. What message are you excited most excited to

Meet the ESC representatives to General Convention – Part 3

Logan Rimel

Fun Fact: Logan has 4 tattoos, one of which represents their time spent in intentional community: an eight-sided baptismal font with the words “You will be in the midst of them” from the Prayer of St. Chrysostom carved into the base.

What has been your funniest ESC moment? I once hid a can of spam in the bed of a housemate while he was napping, and inadvertently unleashed a prank war that has now spanned years and most of the country. I changed his computer background, he relaced all of my shoes in the wrong direction; I mailed him glitter in an envelope, he responded by sending me 1,000 live mealworms. And so it continues. What program are you serving with? What’s your service site?

I serve in the Diocal Interns program as the intern for the Discipleship Ministries Working Group.

What’s your story? I spent the first 18 years of my life in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. They I moved to Poughkeepsie, NY to attend Vassar College, where I received a BA in Religion. What message are you excited most excited to share at General Convention? We have been promised transformation – it’s already happening.

Meet the ESC representatives to General Convention – Part 2

Mia Benjamin

Fun Fact: Mia and her two sisters love to knit and sew. They made quilts for each other out of old jeans for their high school graduations.

What has been your funniest ESC moment? One of the challenges of teaching Godly Play to seven and eight year-olds is getting them to put the materials back carefully at the end of class. One of our boys has struggled mightily with rolling up the fleece strips we use as backgrounds. One day, after doing his absolute best, the boy regretfully handed me a wadded up piece of cloth and sighed sadly, “That’s just how I roll.” What program are you serving with? What’s your service site?

I work as the Urban Outreach Ministry intern at Grace Episcopal Church in Medford, MA. I’m currently a first year fellow in the Boston-based Life Together program and I’ll be continuing for a second year next year.

What’s your story? I’m from Fairfield, CT. I studied Religion with a focus on Islam and Arabic at Middlebury College in Vermont. What message are you excited most excited to share at General Convention? The Episcopal Church should prioritize engaging with young adults from all faith backgrounds.

Episcopal Service Corps Endorses Movement for National Service

by Erica Kadel

This Spring, Chelsea Clinton and Jimmy Kimmel partnered with ServiceNation to launch Serve A Year, an initiative to advocate for young adult national service. This announcement came in the wake of Retired Army General Stan McChrystal’s op-ed detailing how a year of national service could heal many of America’s social ills by placing an emphasis on good citizenship. He and The Franklin Project, an organization at the forefront of this movement, envision “a future in which a year of full-time national service is a cultural expectation, a common opportunity, and a civic rite of passage for every young American.”

A number of businesses including Airbnb, Tumblr, Comcast, and NBCUniversal have also committed to partnering with ServiceNation to help make a year of service the norm for young Americans. Episcopal Service Corps is the newest in a growing group of organizations to formally announce support for the Serve A Year campaign.

Episcopal Service Corps programs have been on the grassroots of this movement to integrate service into communities for over 20 years. In 2008, six established Episcopal service programs came together to form the network that is Episcopal Service Corps. Beginning with those six programs, ESC has grown

Meet the ESC representatives to General Convention – Part 1

Cate Anthony

Fun Fact: Cate loves to cook and is on a mission to make the best key lime pie in the world. Her current iteration includes a whipped coconut cream topping in place of meringue (which has, Cate believes, no place on a pie).

What has been your funniest ESC moment? My funniest ESC moment was at the Episcopal Charities ball when all of the Julians, our director, and some friends of the program closed out the evening with an epic dance party to such hits as “Build Me Up Buttercup,” “Sweet Caroline,” and, of course, “Love Shack.” There was a lot of jumping, a little fist pumping, and some old-style marching around the dance floor. It was pretty beautiful – we may not dance well, but we dance with our whole hearts. What program are you serving with? What’s your service site?

I serve in the Julian Year in Chicago, IL. My placement site is Bishop Anderson House, where I work as a volunteer chaplain at the Cook County Hospital and Warren Barr rehab center and participate in the training and support of lay chaplains in the Chicago area.

What’s your story? I hail from the great state of Delaware. I

#LentWithESC – Day 40

Jesus’ Passion, Our Passion Written by Amity Carrubba ESC staff

Today, Holy Saturday, is an unusual day. Today begins with Jesus buried in the tomb, bound by cloth and stone. Today concludes with release, Resurrection, and some confusion about what to do next. On Holy Saturday, God moves us from death to Resurrected life, from brokenness to wholeness.

The term ‘Passion’ is used in the church to refer to Jesus Christ’s trial, crucifixion, and death. It comes from the Latin pati, to suffer. Jesus’ Passion was his suffering on the cross, his offering of love through pain and loss. Like so much about the spiritual life, there is paradox in Passion. For Jesus, his Passion was suffering, so that our passion might be life.

Ever hear the expression ‘a passion for life’? Perhaps someone commenting on another’s zeal for living or claiming their own. A passion for life is a very different experience from Jesus’ own Passion, yet both are rooted in the same soil… both speak to an intense enthusiasm for joy and love. Jesus lived with such an intense enthusiasm for others and for God, that it led to his Passion. On our best days, Jesus’ Passion inspires

#LentWithESC – Day 39

Reflection on Passion Written by Sarah Nolan Jubilee EUIP alum

“God of gift and abundance, Jesus took up the cross so that a broken system could be transformed.

The year I served as an intern with the Episcopal Urban Intern Program (EUIP) in Inglewood, CA, was the first time I walked “The Way of the Cross” (Stations of the Cross). Housed in the multicultural and multilingual community of Holy Faith Church, Good Friday’s Passion service engaged both my limited fluency in Spanish and even more limited fluency in this unique liturgical world. It was the beginning of a love affair with liturgy as movement and a re-telling/framing of our sacred stories.

Yet, the crosses we bear in our food system perpetuate its brokenness.

Five years later, on April 22, Good Friday and Earth Day aligned…something that will not occur again until 2095. By this time, I was working as the Program Director for the ESC intern program, The Abundant Table. Along with fellow EUIP alumna the Rev. Julie Morris and our interns, we asked what would it look like to not only re-frame the telling of the Passion, but express “The Way of the Cross,” through the eyes of environmental