A Recipe for Spiritual Practice

Kim Anderson, Johnson Intern Program 2013-14

I have also only begun to realize the healing, growth filled, and directive power that the repetitive actions of cooking and cleaning hold. Cleaning the Club Nova kitchen and preparing the Club Nova meals have the potential to become the regular, deliberate practice that Communion refers to. If I can attach the many repetitive actions of my workday to an evolving awareness of God’s work in the world, I can spend much of my day being present to God’s love for me and this world.

For that reason, cleaning soggy food out of the kitchen’s sinks becomes worthwhile work to do and do again.

And these practices I am engaging with at Club Nova are of particular value because they immediately thrust me back out into my community.

Chop, sauté, ladle, douse……engage.

Boil, broil, foil……engage.

Pick, trim, mash……engage.